ODA Market Highlights - 09/01/2018

Euronext Sees Little Change

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Grains were calm on Euronext as Egypt launched a call to tender for soft wheat, which was filled by Russian wheat once again.
The euro's decline and gains by the U.S. market were not able to inject more energy into Euronext.
Today crude oil hit a new high after more than three years.
On the oilseeds complex, soybean and soya meal prices sank in Chicago today. Traders took their profits ahead of the USDA's monthly report to be published on Friday, and weather conditions are improving overall in South America. At the same time, the Brazilian soya harvest has begun with, according to local traders, rather satisfactory returns on yields. Palm prices sank 1% in anticipation of the MPOB's report. The MPOB will publish its December 2017 overview tonight.
Crude oil's new more-than-three-year high provided support for soybean oil and rapeseed.