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My Watchlist

My Watchlist
Select the products that interest you, and at a glance, see the trends for the week, prices, the status of your strategy, ODA’s strategies and the most important news items.
  • A single combined dashboard to save you time
  • Analysis: forecasts for the week from ODA’s analysts
  • Prices: main contract prices for each product
  • Strategies: compare your strategy with the ODA strategy of your choice
  • Focus: strategic information so that you can anticipate the market
  • Every Thursday, get your weekly report of the markets for the products you have selected

Price Manager

Price Manager
Your sales- and purchasing-monitoring platform to maximise your margins
  • A tool for fixing your targets and taking your decisions at the right moment
  • Entering physical contracts: firm price, minimum price, price to be fixed, average price
  • Entering sales and forward purchases: options, lots
  • A summary, for an easy way of monitoring the progress of your sales and purchases and getting an estimate of the sale price for each crop throughout the campaign and at any moment


A senior advisor on the telephone to answer your questions about markets and marketing
  • A service available over the telephone or online
  • A reply from an experienced advisor later in the day
  • For support with your decision-making, or to ask how to apply an ODA strategy
  • From 11am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday